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What does EMT stand for?
Our most common question from New Zealander's.  The correct definition of EMT is Emergency Medical Technicians, but our team is Extremely Multi Talented..!  You will find different meanings in red, heading each page of this website (for example "Enlightening Major Topics" above)
EMT is an international term for Paramedic/Ambulance Officer, and EMS is international terminology for Emergency Medical Service (ambulance company). 

Is Ambulance EMT Ltd a real ambulance provider?
Yes, we are professional service that provides superior medical support.  We are ACC vendor registered so your medical transfer may even be fully funded.
All our EMT's are nationally certified and train on a weekly basis, we also adhere to strict National (NZQA) and International Ambulance Officers guidelines.

Why choose Ambulance EMT?
Our EMT's are professionals that choose to be at your transfer, event, or course.  We take the time to interact with our patients, your patrons or students.  EMT's maintain constant radio/cell phone contact enabling us to respond to any incident at an event at a moments notice.  Our team is passionate, and cares for our community.

What is a Paramedic?
Paramedics are professionals trained in providing emergency medical care and authorised by a doctor to perform specific medical procedures and administer specific medications.  On every job, we send a EMT or paramedic so you can rest assure you have a high quality of care on site.

Are you limited by terrain?
We can cover any event over most terrains, so your competitors get the best level of care, quickly.  We have 4x4 ambulances, a specialised 4x4 rescue SUV, 4x4 motorbikes, mountain bikes and horses, and can call rescue helicopters as required.  If you have concerns, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

How do we find you at an event?
Our EMT's wear red and black uniform shirts, and if required, yellow high visibility outer clothing.  Our ambulances are yellow with red markings.  At events where we set up our treatment base, we fly a large red banner for easy identification.  We stay in close contact with the event reception/operation centre so they can call us by RT at a moments notice.  We also patrol so event staff, exhibitors and public know we are available for assistance at any time.

Why is medical advisory important?
To ensure the utmost in premium patient care, and constant upgrading of our EMT's skills.  We are extremely honoured to have the guidance and support of Dr Alistar Fraser.

Are you affiliated with the 111 system?
We specialise in transfers and events, so any 111 contact goes through to your local emergency ambulance provider.

When should I call 111?
Call 111 during any emergency where people or property are at risk.

I am being sent home from the hospital by ambulance, is there a charge for this service?
Transfers are billed at an agreed rate at the time of contact.  We are registered as an ACC vendor, and are WINZ approved, talk to your case manager about whether these options might apply to you, or give us a call.  Please see our transfers page, and contact us to find out more.

Can we change or add contents to your first aid kits?
Yes, we can custom make any sized kit, to best suit your specific needs.  From a tiny keyring pouch up to a huge paramedical style trauma pack, with first aid supplies that suit your needs for business, sport, or recreation.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How do I become an Ambulance EMT Officer?
We welcome inquiries from experienced or untrained personnel, we provide training, on-going support and great working opportunities for our team members. 
Find out more on the join our team page, and please feel free to contact us below anytime.