Ambulance EMT Services 

Exceptional Medical Transfers....


Our EMT's have many years of experience, so you can direct your attention to where it really matters, the well-being of your loved one.

Door to door, bedside to bedside, single or double crewed.  Ambulance EMT will comfortably and safely transport clients to and from their medical appointments and personal engagements.  You will be heartened by the resources, services and friendly atmosphere available to you from our EMT's.

At Ambulance EMT, we care for each individuals needs (oxygen, suction, monitoring etc) throughout the trip and ensure each client is treated as though they themselves were part of our immediate family. We pride ourselves on exceptional service, our EMT's may also be able to stay throughout an appointment to give emotional support, assistance, and a cup of tea if possible.  And yes, we are ACC vendor registered.






  • Door to Door Transfers
  • ACC transfers
  • Community Service
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Wheelchair &  Ambulatory Passengers
  • Out-patient Appointments
  • Post-Surgery Transportation
  • Medical Treatments - Radiology, Dialysis etc
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Respite Care



 Please feel free to call or email  about our transfer pricing and charges

We cater to the  Greater North Island &   long distance  across  New Zealand